Bed in Spartan travel trailer
21 Nov 2012

Spartan Travel Trailers

Aircraft Quality, Nifty Interiors

The enterprising J.P. Getty saw a need, in the post-World War II era, for affordable yet high-quality housing. The Spartan Trailer, utilized for either recreation or primary living space depending upon the model and the needs of the owner, helped to fill this niche. Getty’s familiarity with manufacturing materials and laudable success running the Spartan factory’s war-effort fabrication of entire craft such as the Navy NP-1 trainer or components for B-24 bombers gave him ability and inspiration for creating these trailers. He knew of the durability of aircraft-grade aluminum and other materials, and insisted upon their use in the construction of the Spartan Trailer.


Some model trailers were shown with sleek, understated decor.


This Spartan trailer offers more ornate choices such as shirred floral curtains, scalloped woodwork and a chenille bedspread.


A sitting/dining area, with faux stone flooring, features louvered doors and an open serving counter communicating with the kitchen.


Spartan Trailers celebrates the production of its 10,000th unit.


One of the many sales locations for Spartan Trailers. The sign reads, “ROGERS TRAILER SALES; Spartan, American, General, New Moon; All Accessories; Daytona Beach.

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