17 Oct 2012

Spartan’s Contributions During World War II

Spartan Aircraft Company employees teamed up with the resources and showmanship of J. Paul Getty to show their patriotism. The article below, taken from “The Spartan News”, marked the beginning of the tremendous contribution Spartan made during the World War II.


Employees and Company Present Trainer to Navy
Monday, March 30th (1942), was a date that will be long remembered as the day when employees and employers joined in a ceremony that brought tears to their eyes and cheers from the throats of everyone present. The occasion was the presentation to the United States Navy of a complete trainer, built entirely by the labor donated by Spartan workers and materials donated by Spartan.

As far as can be ascertained, this is the first time that an entire factory workforce has donated a complete day’s labor and a company has donated all of the materials for building an airplane. The Spartan factory was opened Sunday, March 29th (1942) and all equipment and materials were placed at the service of the employees who were to give their services to building the “Spirit of Spartan.” So anxious was each and every one to give their time that many, having no transportation, paid taxi-cab fare at the rate of $2.50 a round trip in order to be present. 
The time donated was equivalent to that necessary to fully complete an airplane of this type. Lt. W. F. Marriner, U.S.N. retired, naval inspector at Spartan factory, expressed the highest pleasure at this demonstration on the part of all concerned.