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24 Sep 2014

Spartan Provides Iowa Flight School Students With the Services They Deserve


Choosing an out of state flight school is a major decision for Iowa students, but most young people today realize that quality of education and career prospects are the most important factors to consider when picking an educational institution. At Spartan College, we take great pride in offering the services that our out-of-state students require in order to receive both the best education and the best long-term career outlook.

Our services start before you even arrive. You will find that we offer financial aid as well as scholarships to those who qualify and that our programs qualify for VA benefits programs. Prospective attendees will find that we offer housing assistance and student housing. During your time at Spartan College, you will find yourself receiving at least 50% hands-on training in small classes designed to ensure that you receive a high quality education. We have diploma, associate’s, and bachelor’s programs in a variety of fields likeavionics and nondestructive testing so that you can get started on the career path you’ve been dreaming of. Whether you want to work in maintenance, technology, quality control, or even as a pilot, Spartan College has the programs and courses you need to achieve your goals.

While a student at Spartan College, you will be able to take advantage of our student employment assistance, but you will also find that we offer ongoing employment assistance to our graduates. Whether you aspire to work for the military or private companies or to return to Iowa and work within your home state, we can help. Our database of over five thousand employers includes a number of companies in Iowa such as Deere and Co, Charles City Aeronautics, General Electric, and Wise Aviation, among others. If you are seeking a flight school that caters to the needs of its out-of-state students from enrollment to after graduation, Spartan College is the right choice for you.