08 Jul 2015

Spartan College Student Appreciation Day 2015

On Wednesday June 17th, the students and staff at Spartan College gathered for a day of food, games and laughs! Our student appreciation day was a great success and we are honored to have such wonderful people attend our school. Here are a few highlights from the day:


Student Appreciation Day - Cars 

 Students check out the custom cars built by prior graduates of Spartan College.



SAD 2 - Burgers .jpg

Burgers sizzle on the grill before hundreds of Spartan students devour them!


SAD 3 - Pizza Eating Contest.jpg   

WOO WEE that is a HOT pizza! Students try their hand at eating an entire inferno pizza!


SAD 4 - TV.jpg
Winner of our karaoke is Te’Landrick Barnes, that man can SING!



SAD 5 - Dunk Tank .JPG
Here is a chance to dunk the President of the college, even if you don’t throw a ball to do it!



SAD 6 - Food Prep.JPG
Our Spartan staff ready to serve our hungry students.




Students enjoying some good food and relaxation


SAD 8 - video games.JPG

Nothing goes better with food than games!



What a great day! We already can’t wait for Student Appreciation Day next year!