General Atomics aircraft on runway
29 Dec 2014

Spartan Avionics Students Meet General Atomics On Campus


Spartan was thrilled to welcome visitors from General Atomics on December 8th. They came from Palmdale, CA to meet with our Avionics students as well as interview graduates or pending graduates from our Aviation Maintenance and Avionics programs for open positions.

Our Aviation Maintenance degree and diploma programs provide training in everything from changing a tire to rebuilding a turbine engine. Students learn about all types of aircraft, from a small engine plane to a large transport plane like those used by major airlines.

Spartan College’s Avionics Technology program prepares students to become qualified avionics technicians. Programs are accredited by the National Center for Aircraft and Transportation Technology (NCATT) and prepare graduates for NCATT certifications.

Our students were excited to meet wtih General Atomics. It was a great opportunity to introduce Spartan students to the interviewing process and meet their potential employer.