04 Apr 2018

Spartan College Leads Way in Addressing Skills Gap in Aviation Maintenance

Leaders at one of the leading aviation technical training schools, Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology, commends the recent legislation introduced by the US Senate, designed to help fill aviation maintenance jobs.

“Serving the needs of the nation’s aviation industry for ninety years, we support Senator Inhofe’s legislation to establish an Aviation Maintenance Workforce Development Pilot Program,” said Dr. Dan Peterson, president and CEO of Spartan. “There’s a global demand for well-qualified aviation technicians. This bill will afford service providers the opportunity to develop innovative training programs and provide financial support to those seeking aviation maintenance careers.”

According to the Aviation Technician Education Council Workforce Study, industry growth in aviation technician jobs has increased 250% since 2016 and the need for skilled technicians continues to soar.

Spartan College is at the forefront in addressing this skills gap through its many workforce pipeline programs and partnerships with industry leaders. Most recently, Spartan launched the first FAA approved hybrid-training program which allows students to take classes via distance learning for the first part of the program; thereby reducing the time required on campus.

Over the next twenty years, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the need to fill over 118,000 aviation maintenance jobs. Currently the industry contributes $44 billion to the US economy each year, but struggles from a shortage of workers.

“The workforce in America is no longer quantified as just higher education degrees,” said Peterson. “It’s now about new collar jobs. Skills training, certifications, and experience should be part of the discussion for resource allocation. Spartan is proud to play an important role in fulfilling today’s workforce demands.”