24 Aug 2014

Prospective Utah Flight School Students Should Consider Spartan

Students seeking to enter into flight school have many choices, particularly if they are willing to travel out-of-state to find the school that best meets their needs. At Spartan College, we have been providing aviation training since 1928, and we offer an array of programs to help you get the degree you want. We offer diploma, AAS, and bachelor’s degree programs and have trained more than 90,000 technicians and pilots from all around the globe.

Students from Utah will find that Spartan College is an excellent choice and that we cater to out-of-state students in order to make the transition process easier. We offer student housing and job assistance, as well as the opportunity for financial aid and scholarships. Students who qualify to receive VA benefits will also find that our programs are approved for them. We provide 50% hands-on training, and keep our class sizes small in order to ensure that all students receive the best education possible. Many of our faculty members are experienced within the aviation industry, and we even provide free tutoring for both academic and technical courses.

Students from Spartan College have gone on to start some excellent careers, and Utah students will find that we provide both student and graduate employment assistance.  Some of the employers our graduates have gone on to work for include American Airlines, the Department of Homeland Security, Enviro Systems, and more. For students hoping to return home after graduation, we have an extensive list of employers located in Utah who may be interested in hiring Spartan College graduates.

Getting the best education is important, whether you want to be a pilot, work in QC, or serve as an airplane technician. At Spartan College, we will provide you with the education and training you need to get the career you’ve been looking for!