31 Oct 2013

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Welcome to Spartan Online Learning

Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology offers online courses for associates and bachelor’s degree programs. These courses allow Spartan diploma and associated degree graduates the opportunity to complete a degree through online learning on their time and in their place.

The Bachelor of Science in Aviation Technology Management is designed for students who wish to be more competitive in their chosen aeronautical professions.

The Spartan College motto, “Knowledge and Skill Overcome Superstition and Luck,” is more than just a saying; it is the core belief upon which the curriculum at Spartan is built. The saying was adopted long ago by some of Spartan’s first graduates. They understood that relying on superstition and luck was not an option. They knew that the knowledge and skill gained at our aircraft mechanic school was imperative to their success. Learn more about the Black Cat Spartan symbol.

Since that time, Spartan has continued to build upon and enhance the curriculum in our aviation and avionics maintenance courses, providing students interested in air travel with a variety of degree options.

Bachelor of Science Degree in Aviation Technology Management

At Spartan, we understand the need for our graduates to complete their Aviation Bachelor’s degree in a convenient and quick format. Continuing your aviation studies after completion of one of our associate’s degree programs can open the door to more opportunities in the area of supervisory and management positions within the field of aviation and beyond.


Our Aviation Bachelor’s degree program with courses online combines general academic preparation with the development of business management skills and specialized knowledge of the aspects of the aviation industry. This blend of training, experience and education allows you to increase your marketability and advance your aviation career.

Associate of Applied Science Degree Programs

The practical hands-on programs we offer at our aviation college are combined with classroom theory that can provide students with a highly developed skill set in the aviation career field of their choice. Students with an AAS degree from our aviation school have options.

Armed with an associate’s degree, you are eligible to begin work immediately in your chosen field of study as well as have the option to continue your education at the baccalaureate level. In some cases, you can do both, as the bachelor’s degree program is designed for the working professional.

Find out more information on our specific Associate of Applied Science degree program offerings:

For those students looking for an aviation college to continue their training through online education and courses, programs may be the perfect option. Our associate’s degree programs vary in length, and depending on the field of study you choose, your bachelor’s degree could be completed in 16 months after your associate’s degree is completed!


Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology is proud to announce online Associate degree courses are now available! In response to diploma graduates’ requests for online course options to complete an Associate of Applied Science degree, Spartan embarked on a lengthy and expensive process to seek accreditation approval to offer online courses. Approval was granted and Spartan began offering accredited online Associate degree courses through our aviation school in August 2010. Like many Spartan diploma graduates, you may have been waiting for the right opportunity to complete your Associate degree – now is the time! Class size is limited to ensure the quality of the program.

Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology now offers select Associate degree courses online. Accelerate your career and boost your earning potential. Career advancement is only a mouse click away!

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Online Associates Degree Courses

Mathematics for Technicians | 3 Semester Credits

Topics include solving various types of equations, operations on polynomials, quadratic functions, logarithms, imaginary and complex numbers, and number base conversions. Prerequisite: AIE 1708, AVE 1553, ARF 1118, or Equivalents (48 Theory Hours)

Physics for Technicians | 4 Semester Credits

This course includes theory and application in the following areas: mechanics (force, motion, energy, and orbital mechanics), fluid dynamics (buoyancy, Bernoulli’s Principle), gas laws, and Pascal’s Principle, sound, heat, electricity, and magnetism. Prerequisite: AIE 1708, AVE 1553, ARF 1118, or Equivalents (60 Theory Hours, 18 Lab Hours)

English Composition I | 3 Semester Credits

This course is a practical expository writing experience in standard usage and essential writing skills. Emphasis is given to the development of the basic sentence, paragraph and essay. (48 Theory Hours)

English Composition II | 3 Semester Credits

This course is a continuation of ENG 1123 (English Composition I) and involves critical reading, thinking, and writing techniques. Emphasis is placed on the use of credible sources, analysis, and organization of research. Prerequisite: ENG 1123 (48 Theory Hours)

American Federal Government | 3 Semester Credits

This is an introductory course in American Government, intended to provide students with an overview of the way the American Government functions. Emphasis is on the Constitution, the specific branches of government, the role of politics in the government, and the relationship between the government and the individual. (48 Theory Hours)

American History: 1865 to Present | 3 Semester Credits

Students trace the economic, political, social, and intellectual development that shaped modern America. They investigate in detail the impact of industrialization in shaping the emerging nation. (48 Theory Hours)

College Physics | 4 Semester Credits

An algebra-based introductory course covering the principles of mechanics, fluids, waves, sound and heat. Practical examples of the role of physics in other disciplines are provided. Laboratory work is included. Prerequisite: PHY 1784 or Equivalent (48 Theory Hours – 32 Lab Hours)

Fundamentals of Public Speaking | 3 Semester Credits

This is an introductory course in oral communication emphasizing effective listening, group discussion and group problem-solving techniques, organizational skills, use of evidence and persuasion, and effective delivery techniques. (48 Theory Hours)


We understand that continuing education can have a powerful impact on the future of one’s career. From career advancement to a higher rate of pay, furthering your education can help make these opportunities become reality. We are also sensitive to the fact that in order for individuals to advance their careers through continued education, that education cannot disrupt their professional lives.

For this reason, Spartan’s Independent Study Program allows graduates of Spartan diploma programs to complete an Associate of Applied Science Degree without returning to the college. In order to complete this degree, the following requirements must be met:

1. You must be a graduate of a currently offered program. Spartan’s current technical programs include:

  • Aviation Maintenance Technology
  • Avionics Maintenance Technology
  • Quality Control and Nondestructive Testing

Completion of the Associate of Applied Science Aviation Maintenance Technology degree requires that you are a graduate of:

  • Professional Pilot Diploma

2. Academic requirements for the Associate of Applied Science Degree must be met and include:

  • Required college level general education courses, which may be completed at a college in your area.
  • Completion of Spartan’s Independent Study Course, which you may also complete without returning to Spartan.
  • You must have the prospective college and courses pre-approved prior to enrolling in the courses. You must send a copy of the accreditation page from of the prospective college’s catalog and a copy of the course descriptions to get pre-approval.
  • General education courses taken at your local college must be similar in course hours and content to the current Spartan courses for both general education courses and the required independent study.

Please review Spartan’s Independent Study Course then contact our Manager of Student Records at (918) 831-5216 or to set up your Independent Study Program.



Online Bachelors Degree Courses (Click Here)

Since the beginning of modern aviation, the industry has continued to grow, providing a multitude of opportunities for people seeking an aviation management bachelor’s degree. At our aviation college, you have our more than 80-year history of training pilots and aviation mechanics behind you. In an environment where nothing is left to chance and where knowledge and skill do overcome superstition and luck, you’ll find a degree in Spartan’s aviation maintenance programs can set you on the path to a new career in aviation.

If you’re looking for an aviation college that allows you to earn your bachelor’s degree in less than four years, discover Spartan! Contact us today to learn more about our Bachelor’s degree in Aviation!

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