18 Dec 2013

Careers in Pilot Training

Careers Begin with our Professional Pilot Training Program

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If you want to pursue a professional pilot training career in Tulsa, take the first step by enrolling in our program.

Designed to prepare students for aircraft training careers, Spartan’s Professional Pilot Training program offers a comprehensive curriculum that spans a fleet of about 40 aircraft and includes full-motion and flight training simulators. If you are interested in training for a career as a pilot, this program is a must. Through their pilot training, students can learn to fly several different kinds of aircraft to expand their career opportunities.

Students can obtain several certificates and ratings through our Professional Pilot Training program. Plus, with our comprehensive and focused approach to training, you can complete many certificates and ratings in as few as 12 months.

If you are thinking about earning a pilot certificate or rating, learn more about the benefits of training with our professional aviation academy. Once you have completed the diploma or associate degree you are prepared to fly professionally and begin building flight time as a flight instructor or other pilot position to begin your career.

While building flight time as an instructor or other professional pilot it is recommended to complete a bachelor’s degree. Spartan’s bachelor’s program allows pilots building flight time the opportunity to complete their bachelors degree through online or on ground courses in as little as 16 months.

Long term career goals can include:

  • Corporate pilot
  • Major airline pilot
  • Regional airline pilot
  • Cargo
  • Cropduster
  • and many more professional pilot career options.