12 Nov 2013

NDT Program Details

Nondestructive Testing(Diploma)
Associate of Applied Science Quality Control Management(Degree)

These programs prepare students for entry-level employment with many inspection companies. Students learn to operate equipment used in making magnetic particle and liquid dye penetrant inspections. They also learn the basic principles of radiation safety, metallurgy, ultrasonic inspection, eddy current leak detection, and codes and standards. Students process and interpret film using x-ray equipment. The associate degree courses in quality control provide the technical training for professional certification in the specialty. The knowledge gained by the additional general education courses enhances the students’ background and intellectual proficiency so they are more competitive in their chosen profession.

Diploma ProgramDegree Program
Total Credit Hours5084
Total Clock Hours12601956
Total Terms711
Total Months1117

Nondestrucive Testing – NDT Training Courses – Technical (Core)

CreditsDiploma Program Degree Program
QCT 1807 Fundamentals of Nondestructive Testing 7RequiredRequired
QCT 1817 Introduction to Nondestructive Testing  7RequiredRequired
QCT 1827 Radiation Safety 7RequiredRequired
QCT 2807 Radiography7RequiredRequired
QCT 2817 Ultrasonic Inspection 7RequiredRequired
QCT 2827 Eddy Current Inspection 7RequiredRequired
QCT 2838 Leak Testing Codes and Standards7RequiredRequired
QCT 2907 Quality Control Management I
QCT 2917 Quality Control Management II 8RequiredRequired

Quality Control Training Courses – General Education

CreditsDiploma Program Degree Program
ENG 1123 English Composition I 3Required
HIS 1163 American History: 1865 to Present 3Required
MAT 1794 Intermediate Algebra 4Required
PHY 2134 College Physics 4Required
PSC 1193 American Federal Government 3Required
SPH 2113 Fundamentals of Public Speaking3Required