26 May 2016


Steve Knabe – Flight School Graduate – Fortune 500 Corporate Pilot

“I was fortunate enough when I was taking a flight lesson in Nebraska. An airplane landed with a black cat on it’s tail- it was a Spartan plane. And there was a student there who said ‘there is a flight school in Tulsa, Oklahoma that will teach you everything you need to know about flying.’ And it was four months later, I was at the Spartan School of Aeronautics.”

Chris Harper – Flight School Graduate
Ever since he was a young boy, Chris Harper wanted to fly. In his words he was “enamored with wanting to fly.” Enrolling at Spartan college in 1988 he “showed up here on a dark night and started class the next morning.” Chris’ career as a pilot has taken him around the world in eight days as a cargo pilot.


steven kaminski

Stephen Kaminsky – Flight School Graduate
Spartan was my introduction to my first degree. It was an enabler that allowed me to pursue my dream of becoming a pilot. Spartan showed me the requirements needed to focus in a classroom environment to gain the knowledge needed for life down the road, and it showed how to complete a task when given any condition and standard.





bryan hamilton

Bryan Hamilton – Flight School Graduate 
Spartan helped prepare me for the professional world of aviation. Through the ground school and flight stages, I was taught the importance of knowing more than just the minimum to pass a check-ride. With the help of the instructors, I became aware of the truth in the black cat with a 13 on it. “Knowledge and skill, overcome superstition and luck!!” This is the basis for safety as a professional aviator. Learning to exceed expectations from the start, has helped position me for the best jobs of the future! 
Adam Holloway – Flight Instructor 
Watch this review of Spartan’s Flight Training Program by Adam Holloway, and find out why he has “the best job in the world”.