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21 Jun 2019

Bachelor’s of Science in Technology Management Degree Details

Bachelor of Science in Technology Management

The Bachelor of Science in Technology Management degree prepares students to combine their prior technical training with education in communication, quantitative reasoning, and critical thinking as well as business management to prepare them to meet challenges in the technical industries. Required courses for this degree program include Business Strategies, Aviation History, and International Business Practices.

Financial aid is awarded one academic year at a time. An academic year is defined as three, ten-week terms of instruction for the bachelor’s program. Bachelor degree students must attempt 8 credit hours each term and 24 credit hours per academic year.

Financial aid and scholarships may be available to those who qualify.

Technology Degree Prerequisites Required

In addition to the standard admission requirements, to enroll in the bachelor program, technical students (non-flight) are required to have their diploma/degree completed from Spartan College or other accredited institutions and be working in or have previous experience in the field. Students can transfer from Spartan or another accredited post-secondary institution thirty (30) credits of coursework in a technical field.

To enroll in the bachelor program, flight students must have private pilot certification completed or be currently enrolled in a flight training program leading to Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) rating.

Note: It is possible to be awarded credits from Spartan for certifications earned through the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Please refer to the Transfer Credit Policy in the Tulsa Catalog for more information.

Degree Program
Technical Electives30
General Education Courses31
Core Technical Courses58
Other Courses1
Total Hours120
Total Months31 (without transfer credits)

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Technology Management Online & Hybrid Lesson Options

Spartan College offers the opportunity for you to earn your Technology Management degree in multiple ways. The degree can be completed online, at our Tulsa campus, or in a hybrid fashion split between online and on-campus. Our online Technology Management program is available to complete without uprooting your life. Make sure you have the flexibility you need in order to ensure your success when earning a Technology Management Bachelor degree.

Before applying, ensure that you’re in a state eligible for our online Technology Management degree program:

Spartan College Distance Education State Authorization List

Bachelor’s Degree Courses – General Education

CreditsDegree Program
ENG 1001 English Composition3Required
SPH 2001 Fundamentals of Speech3Required
ENG 2001 English Composition II – Technical Writing3Required
SOC 1001 Modern Sociology3Required
PSY 2001 Psychology3Required
ECN 2001 Introduction to Economics3Required
HIS1001 American History: 1865 – Present3Required
HIS 2001 Aviation History3Required
MAT 1001 College Mathematics4Required
PHY 1001 College Physics3Required

Bachelor’s Degree Courses – Technical (Core)

CreditsDegree Program
BUS 1001 Introduction to Business3Required
ACC 2001 College Accounting3Required
MGT 1001 Business Ethics3Required
BIM 1001 Computer Proficiency3Required
BUS 2001 Elementary Statistics for Business3Required
QCM 2001 Philosophy of Quality Management4Required
QCM 2002 ISO 9000 and Total Quality Management4Required
QCM 2003 Total Quality Tools and Techniques4Required
BUS 3001 Business Law3Required
MGT 3001 Fundamentals of Management3Required
BUS 3002 Business Communication3Required
MKT 3001 Introduction to Marketing3Required
FIN 3001 Financial Management3Required
MGT 4001 Human Resource Management3Required
MGT 4002 Management Information Systems3Required
MGT 4003 International Business Practices3Required
MGT 4004 Business Strategies3Required
MGT 4005 Research in Technology Management4Required