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21 Jun 2019

Bachelor’s of Science in Aviation Technology Management Degree Details

Bachelor of Science in Aviation Technology Management

The Bachelor of Science in Aviation Technology Management degree prepares students to combine their prior technical training with education in communication, quantitative reasoning, and critical thinking as well as business management to prepare them to meet challenges in the aviation field. Required courses for this degree program include aviation business strategies, international business practices, and aviation history.

Financial aid is awarded one academic year at a time. An academic year is defined as three, ten-week terms of instruction for the bachelor’s program. Bachelor degree students must attempt 8 credit hours each term and 24 credit hours per academic year.

Prerequisites Required

  • Students that have earned college credit in an aviation-related technical field (Aviation Maintenance, Avionics, Flight, Electronics, NonDestructive Testing, etc.)
  • Airframe and Powerplant Certification (FAA-147) OR
  • Commercial Flight Instructor Certification (CFII)
    Degree Program
    Technical Training/Coursework 60
    Lower General Education Courses 16
    Core Courses 52
    Total Hours 128
    Total Months 16

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Bachelor’s Degree Courses – Technical Training

60 Credits may be earned at Spartan College or from another accredited post-secondary institution or supply proof of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) credentials. The credits must meet the transfer credit policy and program requirements.

Examples of appropriate FAA credentials may include Airframe and Powerplant Certification (FAA-147) or a Commercial Flight Instructor (CFII).

Aviation Management Online & Hybrid Lesson Options

The Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation Management is available at the Spartan Campus in Tulsa, Oklahoma as a hybrid program. Spartan College also offers an Aviation Technology Management online program. While the online program is not for everybody, you are afforded more flexibility with the Online Aviation Management Degree Program. Take classes at your convenience without uprooting your life. Be sure to check that your state is authorized to attain your Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation Management Online.

Spartan College Distance Education State Authorization List

Aviation Technology Management Scholarships and Financial Aid

Spartan College offers a variety of financial aid options to qualified students. The Spartan Student Finance Team will be able to answer any questions you may have regarding financial aid and will help by guiding you through the process. There are several funding options available to those who qualify.

Spartan College Aviation Scholarships are awarded to qualified students.

Bachelor’s Degree Courses – General Education

Credits Degree Program
ENG 1123 English Composition I 3 Required
HIS 1163 American History: 1865 to Present 3 Required
MAT 1794 Intermediate Algebra 4 Required
PHY 2134 College Physics 4 Required
PSC 1193 American Federal Government 3 Required
SPH 2113 Fundamentals of Public Speaking 3 Required

Bachelor’s Degree Courses – Technical (Core)

Credits Degree Program
ACC 3123 College Accounting 3 Required
BSL 3183 Business Law 3 Required
ECN 3143 Introduction to Economics 3 Required
ENG 3133 Business Communication 3 Required
HIS 3173 Aviation History 3 Required
MAT 2123 College Algebra 3 Required
MAT 3153 Elementary Statistics for Business 3 Required
MGT 3193 Fundamentals of Management 3 Required
MGT 4103 Human Resource Management 3 Required
MGT 4113 Management Information Systems 3 Required
MGT 4133 International Business Practices 3 Required
MGT 4143 Financial Management 3 Required
MGT 4163 Aviation Business Strategies 3 Required
MGT 4171 Research in Aviation Management 1 Required
MKT 4123 Introduction to Marketing 3 Required
PLO 4123 Business Ethics 3 Required
PSY 3113 Introductory Psychology 3 Required
SOC 3103 Modern Sociology 3 Required