26 Feb 2015

Aviation Maintenance Technology (Tulsa)

Spartan’s FAA approved Aviation Maintenance Technology program has been training skilled aircraft technicians for more than 90 years. Our aviation maintenance training courses can help prepare you for the Airframe and Powerplant certification (A&P License) by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The importance of aircraft maintenance cannot be denied. Aircraft maintenance technicians are the highly-skilled, detail-oriented individuals who keep the airways safe and the planes flying. For every one hundred hours that an aircraft is used for hire, it must go through a thorough aircraft maintenance and inspection process. This aviation maintenance combined with annual inspections and routine airplane maintenance repairs creates a tremendous need for qualified licensed aviation mechanics in Tulsa.

Aviation Maintenance Training

Our aircraft mechanic training includes a diploma program that can be completed in 15 months and an Associate of Applied Science degree that can be achieved in as little as 18 months.  Spartan offers a hybrid program where the first portion of the program is offered online and only requires the student to spend 7 months in Tulsa for the on-ground, hands-on training portion.  The total length of this program is 20 months for diploma and 23 months for the associate’s degree.

Previous experience is not required, as our aviation maintenance degree and diploma programs can provide training in everything from changing a tire to rebuilding a turbine engine. You can also learn about all types of aircraft, from a small engine plane to a large transport plane like those used by major airlines. Students in our aviation maintenance program may study a variety of subjects, such as:

  • Hydraulics and Pneumatics
  • Ignition and Electrical Systems
  • Fuel Systems
  • Pressurization
  • Aircraft Welding
  • Turbine-prop and Jet Engines

Training in our airplane mechanic program not only teaches how to become an aircraft mechanic, but it can also help you develop a versatile skill set that is desired in other industries, such as automotive and diesel, heavy equipment, power and light, and industrial technology.

A&P License

An Airframe and Powerplant License, also known as the A&P License, is required by those who inspect, maintain and repair aircraft. In Spartan’s airplane mechanic school, we can provide you with the hands-on aircraft maintenance training and knowledge needed to obtain your FAA A&P License, and the skills required for aircraft mechanics.

If you’re searching for aviation maintenance schools that provide instruction and training, you can find it here.  Spartan has instructors in the aircraft mechanic training program that are approved to administer the oral and practical aviation mechanic tests required by the FAA. We also offer many other professional certification exams through our LaserGrade Testing System operated on our campus.

For complete consumer information including placement and earnings for graduates of this program refer to the Consumer Information page.

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