17 Apr 2014

Aviation Maintenance Program Reviews

Patrick Dinsmore 
Interview of one of our AMT graduates Patrick Dinsmore. Patrick took advantage of our AAR Bridge Program and now works with AAR!
24151325 scan00051Ronald Grey
I started as 17 year old young in class #10081 in September 1951, and graduated a man in July 1952, ready to take on the world on, knowing I could do anything I set my mind on. Spartan School of Aeronautics and the really great instructors that had gave me the knowledge and the confidence to rise to the top. They showed me what I was capable of doing and becoming. In 1957, I went on to Mt. San Antonio College, the California Polytechnic University, and the Southern University School of Law, where I obtained my Juris Doctorate degree in 1970, while I was also working full time during my education experience. Ultimately, I ended my career on the bench of the Superior Court of California, working in Los Angeles County and Riverside County.
Karmen JohnsonKarmen Johnson
Going to Spartan gave me a great foundation to build my career on. Before going to Spartan I was unaware of how aircraft worked and how their components are designed, manufactured, and maintained. Later, I went on to work at a couple of FBO’s. A large Part 141 Flight School, and then co-located Part 145 Repair Station as Quality Assurance Manager,and then was hired by the FAA. I also obtained my Fixed Wing and Rotary Wing certificate which helped immensely. I now have 35 years + in the aviation industry.
patrick grantPatrick Grant
Attending Spartan provided me with the necessary skills to succeed from the moment I began my aviation career. The technical training is second to none and showed it’s true value when I compared my training with students from other institutions.
Nate Lober 
Director of Maintenance, Nate Lober, reviews the Aviation Maintenance Program at Spartan College. Learn why he goes home from work everyday fulfilled.
Femi Oddeyo 
Watch Spartan graduate, Femi Oddeyo’s review of the Aviation program. Learn why he says Spartan is the right place to be, and this is the right time to fulfill your dreams in aviation.
testimonials no picJerry Brown
I started Spartan in the fall of 1983 after a season of ag flying. Years later when my ag flying dried up my A&P training helped me get a job flying Convairs for 10 years all over Central America and Southeast Asia. The last three years I am back to ag work because my airline moved its certificate to Mexico. Read the full review here.
jesse-larkinJesse Larkin
In the short time since I graduated from Spartan I have had great success in my career path and I attribute that to the great training I received at Spartan. Spartan is a great place to start a career in aviation. I enjoyed the people and the place immensely. Read Jesse Larkin’s full review here.
kevin-meadKevin Mead
The credentials and preparation I received from Spartan were an important first step in launching my career and it is gratifying to know that my alma mater’s reputation has remained strong in our industry while so many other schools have fallen by the wayside. Read Kevin Mead’s full review here.
testimonials no pic
Kris Strobach
Spartan’s education prepared me for four years in the Air Force. My knowledge of aircraft maintenance propelled me successfully through various assignments, and advanced promotions. The education and training I received at Spartan did more than just prepare me for a four-year career in aviation. It provided me with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to move ahead in life. To view the full testimonial, click here.
testimonials no pic
Michael Purvis
I feel that if I did not have my A&P (AMT) education from Spartan, I would not have received the job offer from NORDAM. I have been able to travel the country working for NORDAM and the opportunities with this company are endless. Thank you, Spartan. To view the full testimonial, click here.
testimonials no picRainer Tegge
The instructors and training I received there were first rate and provided the confidence to pursue a career in aviation. After Spartan, I completed a degree in electrical engineering. I now work for Honeywell as a Senior Systems Aerospace Engineer, designing avionic test equipment for the F-111, F-15 and A-7 fighter aircraft system design. I credit Spartan for creating the spark which propelled me into the aerospace field. To view the full testimonial, click here.
testimonial photo 6642 1286300202Eric Boyd
My first job after graduating was with Atlantic Southeast Airlines. The Spartan training helped advance my career because of achieving A&P license and a lot of good experiences. I relocated from New Orleans, LA to attend Spartan.
testimonial photo 36 1286300162Bobby George
Could not have had career without Spartan. I relocated to Tulsa from New Mexico to attend Spartan. My first job after graduating was as a Flight Engineer with Pan American World Airways. I’m now retired from Pan American World Airways as a B-747 Captain.
testimonial photo 5933 1287091119Charlie Holley
I enjoyed my time at Spartan and still stay in contact with roommates who went through the Spartan training. I can tell you for a fact one can always tell a Spartan trained A&P. They are the best mechanics and employees.
testimonial photo 6318 1286300187Dana Reutzel
Spartan training prepared me to obtain A and P certification. My first job after graduation was in general aviation. I’m now an instructor/developer for B747-400.
testimonial photo 719 1286300212Frank Daehne
A&P certificate provided me a job at Delta Airlines for 26 years as a mechanic and then on to lead AMT in line maintenance. I relocated to Oklahoma from Texas to attend Spartan.
testimonial photo 8425 1286300224Harold McLamb
Spartan prepared me with the ability to be an excellent aviation technician by training me in approved methods of aviation maintenance. I moved from Colorado to attend Spartan and my first job after graduating was an Advanced Composite Technician. I’m now a Field Technician II.
testimonial photo 5602 1287091143
Jesus Contreras
Spartan was a life changing decision I will never forget. I moved from California where I was working at a screen door manufacturer not having ends met, to Oklahoma to attend Spartan. My first job after graduation was with Turbomeca Engine Corporation.
testimonial photo 1881 1286300280
Lee Taylor
Spartan training prepared me for the job I have today as a Director of Maintenance. I moved from Wisconsin to Oklahoma to attend Spartan. My first job after graduation was as an A&P Technician.
testimonial photo 6257 1286300294
Nick Scarpinato, Jr.
Spartan provided well rounded training that allowed me to compete for jobs in general aviation as well as air carriers. The Spartan name opened doors. I moved from California to attend Spartan in Oklahoma. My first job after graduation was as an aircraft mechanic with Mississippi Valley Airlines. I’m now a Manager for the Federal Aviation Administration at the Flight Standards District Office.
testimonials no picOddur Gardarsson
I relocated from Iceland to attend Spartan. I am very happy with my decision to attend Spartan for AMT course. It has furthered my career enormously. My first job after graduating was as a mechanic for an Air Charter. I am now a Senior Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.
testimonial photo 3909 1286300319Patrick Delahoussaye
My first job after graduating was with Paul Fournet Air Service in Lafayette, LA. Spartan training helped advance my career tremendously. I relocated from Louisiana to Oklahoma to attend Spartan.
testimonial photo 1282 1286300338Patrick Grant
Spartan training helped advance my career by providing me the knowledge to perform the work. My first job after graduating was with Raytheon Aircraft as an Experimental Flight Test Mechanic.
testimonials no pic
Patrick Voeller
My first job after graduation was a line technician and now I’m a General Manager / Director of Aircraft Maintenance. I relocated from Hawaii to Tulsa to attend Spartan. The A&P licensed earned at Spartan was the starting point for my career.
testimonial photo 6030 1286300364Robert Sommers
Spartan training helped me obtain airframe and powerplant certification. Before Spartan, I had not so much as changed the oil in a car. I moved from Chicago, Illinois to attend Spartan. My first job after graduation was as an A&P in general aviation. Most recently I was a mechanic/avionics installer / inspector at a repair station.
testimonial photo 2450 1286300380
Roger Wiedrick
I moved from Kansas to Oklahoma to attend Spartan. My first job after graduation was with Petroleum Helicopters, Inc. Spartan training helped advance my career from PHI to American Airlines and Boeing. I obtained my start as a Technical writer for Learjet and have worked for Eclipse Aviation and Dassault in this capacity.
testimonial photo 3003 1286300413
Terry Fraser
I came to Tulsa from Georgetown, Illinois. Spartan training provided me my ratings to qualify for work and live my childhood dream. I retired from US Airways 5.5 years ago after a 37 year career. My last position was international captain flying an Airbus A330.