25 Aug 2014

Nebraska Students Receive Quality Aviation Training at Spartan


As a prospective flight school student, you are looking to find the best school and education to meet your needs and to lay the groundwork for a successful career. At Spartan College, we have more than 85 years experience providing hands-on aviation training to students from all around the world. Equally important, we know that transitioning from another state can be stressful, and you will find that we cater to the needs of out-of-state students from Nebraska and throughout the United States.

We offer diploma, associate’s, and bachelor’s programs, and both associate’s and bachelor’s candidates will find that we offer accelerated aviation training. Free tutoring is available for both our technical and academic courses, and we provide employment assistance while you are in training at Spartan. Nebraska students will also find that we work to help make the transition into our program easier by offering student housing and housing assistance. We are a qualified flight school for those who receive VA benefits, and we also offer both scholarships and financial aid to those who qualify.

Of course, getting the best education is only part of the big picture.  You also want a great career after you graduate. When you choose to attend Spartan College, you will find that we provide our graduates with employment assistance. We maintain a massive database of employers from every state who are looking to hire Spartan College graduates. We have many employers who are located in Nebraska and have more than 5,000 employers in our national database. Whether you are interested in working with a major airline or want to serve the government or military, you will find that you have many options as a Spartan graduate. If you are seeking a flight school that is perfect for Nebraska students, why not give Tulsa and Spartan College a closer look?