09 Feb 2015


William Porche – MOOG, INC.

“I chose Crimson Tech because of the great hands-on experience, fantastic instructors, and great job placement after graduation. The experience and knowledge you will gain here at Crimson Tech will get you prepared for the future in aviation. I feel that my quality of life has improved greatly. The opportunities in the job market have really increased now that I have my A & P certificate.”

Andrew Chavez – MOOG, INC.

“I am working for a very good company. I have a good career in front of me, with lots of advancements and things are definitely better than where I was a few years ago.”

Don Apostol – MOOG, INC.

“If it wasn’t for Crimson, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Jake Trudell-Lozano – SPACEX

“If you like hands-on training and the shop environment and you want to be part of something bigger than yourself, then Crimson is the right place for you.”