09 Feb 2015


Q. What kind of facilities do you have?

A. At Spartan College’s LA Campus we train in approximately 100,000 square feet of A&P facilities. We also own and train on 7 airplanes at this campus along with a wide selection of industry relevant equipment such as reciprocating and turbine powerplants, radials, carburetors, magnetos, turbochargers, propellers and much more.  We train in a variety of labs and shops including a turbine shop, sheet metal shop, composite shop, electrical laboratory and an inspection and review lab.

Q. Do you assist graduates from your aviation school in job placement?

A. While we cannot guarantee job placement, Spartan offers ongoing career services to our aviation school graduates. Career services include resume creating, on-campus recruiting visits and interview skills training. In addition students can receive assistance finding a part-time job while in still in school.

Q. When should I apply for acceptance to your aviation programs?

A. Applications for acceptance are reviewed and processed weekly. Once a student determines interest in applying for acceptance to an aviation program, they should apply immediately. Applicants must complete an interview process with an Admissions Representative prior to submitting their application to the aviation college. Final acceptance to an aviation program is determined by the Admissions Department after reviewing the submitted application and all supporting documentation.

Q. Do you offer night classes?

A. We are pleased to offer both day and night schedules to make it more convenient for those who need to work while in school. The day shift runs from 7:45am – 1:45pm Monday – Friday and the night shift runs 5:30pm – 11:45pm Monday – Friday.

Q. Where is the LA Campus located?

A. Our LA Campus is located at 8911 Aviation Blvd. Inglewood, CA 90301 near the LAX airport. Call 310-337-4444 for more information about our Los Angeles Campus.