09 Feb 2015

Facilities and Equipment (LA)

Students can train in Spartan’s over 100,000 square foot training facilities conveniently located near LAX.

The facilities feature a vast array of industry relevant training aids and equipment including:


·         Reciprocating and turbine powerplants from Lycoming, Pratt & Whitney

·         Radials

·         Horizontally opposed, turbocharged and demonstration cutaways


Laboratories have various visual aids and hands-on instructional aids. Students can operate and troubleshoot turbo jet and reciprocating engines and get hands-on training on a variety of:


·         Carburetors

·         Magnetos

·         Turbochargers

·         Propellers


The turbine shop features turbines from:


·         General Electric

·         Rolls Royce

·         Garrett

·         Westinghouse


The sheet metal shop contains:


·         Brakes

·         Shears

·         Pneumatic Drills

·         Riveting Equipment


The composite shop is used to study:


·         Wood Structures

·         Fabric

·         Fiberglass

·         Plexiglas

·         Composite Structures


The electrical laboratory is used to study:


·         Electrical Circuits

·         Batteries

·         Eddy current inspection equipment

·         Ultrasound inspection equipment

·         Composite Structures


The Inspection and Review lab includes:


·         AeroCommander aircraft

·         T-39, T-38, Cessna 150, Piper Seneca aircraft

·         Hughes 269 and Bell 47 helicopters