02 Jul 2014

Looking for a Flight School in Kansas? Look No Further

Kansas Residents Seeking Flight Schools due to High Employment Opportunities

Prospective flight school students who live in Kansas are becoming more and more interested in Spartan’s program for 3 reasons:

  1.  The location of Spartan’s programs make flight instructor more desirable due to the changingweather patterns and large number of flying days
  2.  Kansas has a wide variety of potential employment in the aviation industry and
  3.  Spartan offers in and out-of-state students an easy way to get settled with features like affordable on-campus housing with fully furnished apartments and other desirable amenities

Exposure to Spartan’s pilot training programs increases employment potential to students in Kansas, as well as other neighboring states. Spartan helps these students in a number of ways, including financial aid and scholarship opportunities. The goal for Spartan is to match up the numerous employers seeking to fill their aviation positions with qualified candidates graduating from Spartan’s various programs.

Roughly 70 companies that have employed or could employ Spartan graduates are from Kansas alone. Aviation companies needing to fill positions include certified repair stations, original equipment manufacturers (OEM), fixed based operators (FBO), maintenance repair and overhaul facilities (MRO), certified flight schools, regional air carriers, national air carriers, helicopter companies, charter services, and cargo operators.  Aviation-related firms are the largest group of employers seeking Spartan graduates, but there are other industries that have the opportunity to recruit from Spartan, including construction, and metallurgy firms. Some notable employers seeking Spartan graduates include Air Midwest, Emerson, GE Engine Services, just to name a few. The cities in Kansas where these job opportunities have been located are throughout the state, including the major cities of Kansas City, Topeka, and Wichita.

Spartan College has an impressive graduate placement record of 92% in the aviation industry. Before and after graduation, students have available the valuable services offered by Spartan’s world-class career services department. Services include career strategy seminars, resumeand cover letter writing assistance, on-campus career fairs, assistance with job applications, job interview guidance and other services. Career Services has the goal of helping each student coming from Kansas by providing them the tools to pursue the career of their choice.