Aircraft flying in sky
14 Mar 2015

General Aviation’s Contributions to the National Economy

How much does General Aviation contribute to the national economy? A new report released by the General Aviation Manufacturer’s Association may surprise you. The encouraging data is outlined in an article on the Aircraft Owner’s and Pilot’s Association website.

Eight organizations supported the study, which was presented by GAMA chairman Joe Brown at the Newseum’s Knight Studio in Washington, D.C. Many studies have come out in recent years to analyze this data. GAMA wanted a fresh set of numbers before Congress meets to reauthorize FAA funding. Backers included the AOPA and Helicopter Association International.

GA aircraft production alone accounts for approximately $30 billion in revenue per year. In total, GA provides 1.1 million jobs and $219 billion to the economy. But the study went beyond numbers and included stories of how GA contributes to other aspects of the nation’s economy. One recollection in the report tells of the CEO of a restaurant equipment company who relies on his aircraft to meet with clients face-to-face, and that has grown his own business and contributed to restaurants across the nation.

The AOPA and other organizations involved are making a concerted effort to raise awareness of the contribution of GA. This information will go to lobbyists, advocates, and policy makers. Without these studies, the economic benefits of a strong GA community go unnoticed and the challenges faced are not addressed.

The full study is available at AOPA’s website. Read about Spartan’s Aviation Maintenance Programs and start thinking about your career in Aviation!