05 Jun 2014

Rocket Program Resource Page

The Rocket to Success Program will prepare graduates to pass all areas of the FAA exams and help decrease the out of pocket cost!  The Program is a 3-week class beginning on the first day of each new term.  Graduates and soon-to-be graduates from the Aviation Maintenance Technology program are encouraged to register early as space is limited.

Please click and review the Description then click and print the Process Map.  These documents will provide all the information you need for successful registration and navigation through the Rocket to Success Program.

Rocket Program Description

Rocket Process Map

2018 Class Calendar

January 8 – January 26
February 19 – March 8
April 9 – April 27
May 21 – June 6
July 10 – July 27
August 21 – September 7
October 2 – October 19
November 12 – November 27
Click the below link to register for the Rocket to Success Program!
Click the below link to pre-register for your FAA Written Exams!
**Please take note of your FAA Test Code. This MUST be accurate on your pre-registration.
                                                                          (AMT program) Generals – AMG                 (Pilot) Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drone) – UAS
                                                                          (AMT program) Airframe – AMA                   (Pilot) Fundamentals of Instructing – FOI
                                                                          (AMT program) Powerplant – AMP               (Pilot) Flight Instructor Airplane – FIA
                                                                          (Pilot) Private Pilot – PAR                              (Pilot) Flight Instructor Instrument Airplane – FII
                                                                          (Pilot) Instrument Rating Airplane – IRA        (Pilot) Advanced Ground Instructor – AGI
                                                                          (Pilot) Commercial Pilot Airplane – CAX        (Pilot) Instrument Ground Instructor – IGI
Click HERE to search for a testing center or DME by location. (select DME/DPRE Examiners)