13 Aug 2014

For Colorado Students, A Career in Aviation May Begin Elsewhere

A career in aviation or aeronautics is a very exciting prospect indeed. For many students, the ability to take flight or to work on aircraft can be an intensely rewarding job. Of course, the education required to perform such tasks isn’t readily available at your average college or university. For Colorado students seeking a quality flight school that can help get them started on the path to a rewarding aviation career, Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology can prove to be the best option.

Catering to Out of State Students

While most flight schools are designed primarily for local students, Spartan College is different. Aiming to provide the best education for all students, regardless of where in the country they originate from, means not only providing things like student housing and housing assistance, but it means adding employers from Colorado and around the country to an ever-growing list of companies able to hire their graduates. Spartan College currently maintains a database of more than 5,000 prospective employers, many of which are based in Colorado.

The Benefits of Choosing Spartan

When you choose Spartan College, you are choosing a college that has been providing aviation training since 1928. This means that instructors and staff members have a great deal of industry experience and have the qualifications needed to provide Colorado students with proper training whether you are looking to become a pilot, an airplane mechanic, or to work elsewhere within the aviation and aeronautics field. Choosing Spartan College also means at least 50% hands-on training, ensuring that you graduate with the skills and experience needed to exceed within your chosen field. With an array of career prospects both in and out of Colorado, obtaining your education at Spartan is simply a wise decision!