01 Nov 2018


Flight Campus

Spartan’s Flight Campus is located approximately 20 miles southwest of the Main Campus and located at 123 Cessna Drive in Tulsa, Oklahoma, at the Richard L. Jones airport which is a tower-controlled airport including dual runways, crosswind and instrument landing approach capabilities. The Spartan Flight Campus maintains a fleet of approximately 45 aircraft including Cessna 152s, 172s, Piper Arrows, Piper Seminoles, two Frasca flight simulators, and a full motion Redbird Advance Aviation Training Device.

The campus has eight classrooms, for ground school instruction, flight dispatch, a book and equipment store, a flight library, and student records. The campus also hosts a PSI testing center allowing students computer testing for same-day results for their Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) knowledge examinations.

Real-time weather information system is provided in flight operations. Interactive media materials, charts, cutaway models, smart boards, display boards, video and mock-ups support classroom instruction. There is approximately 40,000 square feet of classroom, hangar and administrative space. All flight instruction is performed with one instructor to one student. Ground school classes operate with an average of 20 to 1 student-to-instructor ratio.

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