Man in airforce plane
29 Dec 2017

Five Key Factors for Selecting a Flight School

Choosing a flight school can feel like an overwhelming decision at first. However, consider these five key factors and you’ll be well on your way!

Ask Yourself: What Kind of Pilot Do You Want to Be?

There is no one-size-fits-all trajectory for pilots. For example, float plane pilot training that teaches you how to fly in low-altitude scenic tour environments will be very different than pilot training that focuses on commercial transatlantic flight.

When doing research on how to become a pilot, find specific ratings required to work as the type of pilot that you dream of becoming and look for a flight school that offers that type of pilot training. At Spartan, you can obtain your private pilot license as well as a variety of pilot certificates and ratings, depending on your goals.


Of course, money is a consideration when selecting any school, and flight schools are no different. It is important to look not just at the overall cost, but what is included in those costs. For example, a high tuition rate that doesn’t include a high number of flight hours may not be the best choice. Graduates of Spartan’s pilot training bachelor’s program who obtain CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) status and work as CFIs graduate with 1200-1500 hours under their belt.


Are looking for a flight school that is close to where you live? Or do you feel the call to move across the country and embark on an adventure as exhilarating as your budding pilot career? For those coming to Spartan from afar, there is both student housing and housing assistance offered in Tulsa. Another relevant aspect of location to consider is the weather. Selecting a location with variations in weather can lead to invaluable learning experiences, as you’ll grow confident flying in many different conditions. Tulsa’s climate allows for a high number of possible flying days and excellent cross-wind training experience.

Safety and Reputation

There is nothing more important than your safety as a student. Visit the school to see their facilities, maintenance standards, and ask about their approach to ensuring student safety. Spartan has been building a reputation of employing the highest safety standards since 1928, and you are encouraged to come visit to see for yourself!

Community and Post-Graduate Career Support

While completing your qualifications is likely your primary focus in training to be a pilot, the quality of instruction and support you receive even after graduation can make all the difference in your career. Spartan takes pride in the small class sizes that allow for personalized guidance from instructors who possess a great deal of experience in the industry. We know the main reason most of our students are training with us is to ultimately fly as an airline pilot. Our partnerships with multiple airlines enable our students to interview and be eligible for advanced conditional offers of employment while they are still training. There are many other questions to ask when selecting a flight school and researching how to become a pilot, but examining these five will help you get to the core or your goals and the school that best fits you. Good luck!