14 Aug 2014

Finding a Flight School Ideal for Tennessee Students


Are you a prospective Tennessee flight school student looking to determine which school and program is the best fit for you? If so, you certainly aren’t alone! As you likely know, you have many different options available to you. Of course, if you are looking for the very best in hands-on training and excellent academic and technical programs from a school that is designed to suit the needs of out-of-state students, then Spartan College is definitely the right choice for you.

A School That Meets Your Needs

While there is much to appreciate about Spartan College, one thing that many out-of-state students find most appealing is that the school offers student housing. Housing assistance is also available for students who qualify, and the school provides both scholarship opportunities and financial aid acceptance to help ensure that interested students are able to attend. For those students who qualify, Spartan College also accepts VA education benefits. This accredited school has been providing aviation training since 1928 and offers high caliber programs in piloting, aviation and avionics maintenance, quality control/nondestructive testing, and more. Whether you are seeking a diploma or an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree, you will find that Spartan College can meet your needs.

Employment Assistance for Graduates

While many flight programs leave you on your own once you have received your degree or credentials, that isn’t the case with Spartan College. Not only do we provide employment assistance for students who are attending our programs, but we offer ongoing graduate career services. Our career services database contains more than 5,000 companies looking to hire our graduates, including many in the state of Tennessee. Tennessee employers in our database range from Smyrna Air Center to Country Music Television, Avionics Specialists, Inc. and more. When the career you choose is an important as the education you receive, let Spartan College help you with both!