31 Oct 2016

Facts About A&P Mechanics

Airframe and powerplant mechanics handle the maintenance and repair of aircraft. If you’re looking into taking airframe and powerplant training courses, you might have a few questions about the field. The following facts may be of interest to you.

  • There are multiple specialty areas: Not every A&P mechanic job will be the same. You might be expected to perform routine inspections on aircraft during the day, or you might work at night making repairs. You might also specialize in certain technical aspects of aircraft, such as hydraulics or electrical.
  • You’ll work on a variety of craft: It’s not just commercial airliners that use A&P mechanics. You might work on propeller planes, helicopters, agricultural planes, paragliders, or even military aircraft. In fact, A&P mechanics are hired to work on rollercoasters, dentist chairs or medical equipment that utilize hydraulics, as well other industries. Each of these will have its own nuances and specialties that you’ll need to be ready to handle. The right training will prepare you to repair and maintain a wide variety of craft, thus maximizing your prospects for employment.
  • Demand is high in the agricultural field: With a fairly recent increase in farming, Ag pilots have a larger need for airframe mechanics than ever. There is high demand for people trained to work on the agricultural craft used in crop-dusting, especially since they are equipped with high-tech equipment, such as GPS, mapping, and dispersal systems.
  • You’ll likely work odd hours: The most experienced A&P mechanic will work a usual day shift during the week, but that’s only after years of working on aircraft. When you’re new in the field, you’ll probably be handling repair orders during a night shift or on weekends. While the hours will be a bit odd and unpredictable, they will have this benefit: you’ll get a chance to work with a variety of people on a number of different repair projects. This fleshes out your experience and prepares you for other tasks.
  • Training and education affect your prospects: The amount you’re paid depends on your experience, training, and education. Your level of certification will affect how hireable you are as well as how much you’re likely to earn at the start. Also, it could affect the industry you start in, which in turn affects pay.

To get the certification you need and to ensure you have good job prospects, you need to take airframe and powerplant training courses. Redstone College offers these classes, and we’ll help you get certified to work as an A&P mechanic. If you have any questions, contact us today.