06 Feb 2014

Facility and Program Improvements


Notice anything different? We’ve launched a number of improvements to our programs and facilities recently. Many of these are based on student feedback from end-of-term critiques. The improvements include:



  • Faster wireless network connection speed on North Campus
  • New parts cabinets for the NDT shop
  • Vertical blinds in the airframe structures classroom on South Campus
  • Four new computers for AD research in A4 and P4 (six more are on order)

Also, Spartan recently purchased a Snap-On torque tester. Calibration of torque wrenches is a periodic requirement that must be fulfilled when using torque wrenches to perform maintenance on certificated aircraft and their parts. The addition of this tool to our program will allow in-house calibration of our torque wrenches, eliminating the need to send them to an outside agency. The tester will also give us the ability to check calibration if a torque wrench is accidentally dropped. Expect to see more improvements in the near future!