Spartan AERO Day | Tulsa Main Campus April 29th

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Tech Event
Join our Tulsa Main Campus for Spartan AERO Day on Saturday, April 29 - Where Knowledge and Skill Overcome Superstition and Luck.
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About This Event

It's time you head to the hangar. The Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology team is giving you hands-on access to current and vintage aircraft because Spartan College is hosting Spartan AERO Day!

That's right; we are talking about airplanes, airships, aircraft, and the parts that make them fly – turbines, propellers, wings, hydraulics, avionics, wheels, rudders, tools to fix them, and training to lift them. You will also have the chance to tour the Tulsa Main campus, meet and greet with Spartan faculty, and participate in various activities and demonstrations!

So, gear up for aviation training by watching demonstrations like

  • Carburetor,
  • Engine Change,
  • Digital electronics,
  • 3D printing and Industrial electronics,
  • Aviation Electronics troubleshooting,
  • Magnetic Particle Testing,
  • Liquid Penetrant Testing,
  • Riveting demo,
  • Ultrasonic Testing,
  • Eddy Current Testing,
  • Film viewing and interpretation,
  • Gamma Ray exposure device set up.

You'll also have the chance to participate in a hands-on activity!

Spartan College will provide participation certificates upon completion of the activity, which is a great way to expand your portfolio.

In addition, attendees will walk away with some "Spartan swag" items!

Brace for aviation innovation at Spartan College, where knowledge and skill overcome superstition and luck.

Meet The Spartan Crew + History

Our Tulsa admissions team is excited to meet you! They can help answer questions about our aviation training programs, housing, student services, and career service assistance. Find out more about Spartan and our generational impact on the aviation industry.

Program Overview

Discover more about our Aviation Maintenance Technology, Aviation Electronics Technology, and Nondestructive Testing Technology programs as we talk about a day in the life of a tech student and training for an aviation career.

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Spartan College Aviation Maintenance Technology Students working on turbine
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