Spartan Denver Area | AVEX Aviation Day February 25th

Tech Event
In-Person Event
On Saturday, February 25th take a tour, meet with industry experts, and explore our training labs and equipment that students learn on!
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About This Event

Join us at our Denver Area campus on Saturday, February 25th for a chance to take a tour, meet our instructors, hear from industry experts at AVEX Aviation, and explore our training labs and equipment that students learn on! There is limited availability so register now before it's too late.

What to Expect:

Arrive at our campus at 10:00 AM and come prepared to explore how Spartan College can help with your training goals. Find out what a day in a student's life is like and find out how to make your training goals a reality. Our admissions team is excited to talk training and will be available to field any questions and comments.

  • Engine Run-up Demonstrations: You won't want to miss our engine demonstrations at the Broomfield campus. See a live engine run-up and ask any questions to our instructors in the engine lab. This is a great opportunity to see the types of hands-on training that our students get to experience.
  • Our Guest Speaker | AVEX Aviation: A special guest will be on campus to share an industry outlook and what AVEX Aviation has in store for the future. Also find out what an AMT day looks like at AVEX Aviation.
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Spartan College Aviation Maintenance Technology Students working on turbine
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