Row of seats with electronic entertainment displays on aircraft
27 May 2015

Distractions Help Airline Passengers Cope With Crowded Seating

One of the most often heard complaints from frequent flyers are the seats are uncomfortably small and too close together. As airlines seek ways to continue to make profits this is unlikely to change but they are doing something that may take your mind of the problem. In a recent CNN article it talked about four innovations that the industry and its manufacturers have come up with to take passengers minds off the sometimes uncomfortable seating during a flight.

1. PXCOM/Lufthansa System’s BoardConnect

This wireless inflight entertainment system will allow flyers to make future travel plans, book hotels, make dinner reservations and book tickets to places and events while en route to their destination.

2. Exede fast Wi-Fi

Current Wi-Fi speed on flights has been inconsistent at best, but the fastest Wi-Fi in the sky, ViaSat Exede, should get even better and faster with a global commitment and increased satellite partnerships.

3. Panasonic Jazz seats in Economy Class

These state of the art economy seats feature custom stands for smart devices, inductive charging to power them and even come with mood lighting options.

4. Zodiac Aerospace FUSIO in First Class

This is a newly designed first class seat that actually takes up less room than current first class seating, but it does so much more people won’t notice. The seats will feature such unique innovations as zero gravity settings.

Can these things really satisfy the flying public? In 1992 when Emirates put personal entertainment screens on every seat back, their customer satisfaction rating rose 20% even when nothing else changed.

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