Curious about the next chapter in your life? Spartan College is hiring Certified Flight Instructors (CFI) with top pay, sign-on bonus, housing stipend and more. You could also complete your bachelors while getting paid to fly.

Scroll down to find out the What and How on becoming a Spartan CFI.

Spartan College Certified Flight Instructor Benefits

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Build Flight Time Fast

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Pipeline Pilot Programs

Programs funneling CFIs straight to employers like Air Wisconsin, Republic, Envoy, Mesa

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Paid Upgrades

Get your Instruments and Multi-Engine endorsements: CFII & MEI

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Top Pay

Up to $40/hour. – $1,000 Referral Bonus

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Enjoy Tulsa!

400,000 residents, Tulsa Loop trolley, The Brady Arts District, a Dazzling restaurant scene, Retropubs, Live Music, Dance Clubs, and more!

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Full-Time Benefits

Health Insurance to those who qualify


Top Pay
Build Flight Time Fast
$1,000 Referral Bonus
Full-Time Benefits
Housing Stipend
Paid Upgrades


Now: here’s how you make it happen. CFI slots at Spartan fill up quickly. And, it’s a great stepping stone to your next destination as a Pilot.

Find out all the job particulars and apply online! We’ll get back to you quickly, and you’re one step closer to calling Tulsa home.

Pilot Pipeline Programs

Programs funneling CFIs straight to employers like Air Wisconsin, Republic, Envoy, & Mesa


Complete your Bachelor of Technology Management at Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology without setting foot inside a classroom!

This program combines general business and management courses with the development of skills and knowledge specific to aeronautics. Graduates of the program are trained for positions in aviation and related industries.

What is Aviation Technology Management?

The Bachelor of Science in Technology Management degree prepares students to combine their prior technical training with education in communication, quantitative reasoning and critical thinking as well as business management to prepare them to meet challenges in the aviation field. Required courses for this degree program include aviation business strategies, international business practices, and aviation history.