30 Nov 2013

Certification Makes All The Difference!

A&P and Flight students: are you getting ready to test for your certificates? We’ve been surprised by the number of students who don’t seem to think this is crucial. We feel that going to school for 18 months and not obtaining your FAA A&P is just plain crazy. That certificate means so much: it increases your odds of getting a job and helps boost your earning potential in the jobs you land.

We will continue to harp on you about getting those certificates. Use the holidays to study and prepare for the certificate process. See Mr. Yost, Mr. Ellis or Mr. Worthington if you have questions or need help with the process.

Flight graduates, you know the value of your CFI and your CFII. If you want to make that transition, you need to build your hours. The best way is to become a certified flight instructor. You can build your hours and you can earn at the same time. That golden job is not going to fall into your lap without hours. Get in touch with Mr. Lindholm, Mr. Neely or any of your flight instructors if you need help getting your CFI.