01 Oct 2013

Career Center News – Week of September 30th

During the week of September 20, the Career Center placed 4 graduates. Companies included:

  • Riverside Flight Center
  • Planet Honda
  • Tilley Pressure Test
  • Prime Flight Aviation

The center also received 38 job orders for the week. There are lots of jobs out there so stay focused, keep your attendance right and remember the end goal. For those of you graduating soon, it’s time to get your resumes ready. If you need assistance with resumes or want to find out more about companies you are interested in working for, come to the Career Center and we will be glad to assist you. Latest FAA Exam Results

Big round of applause to the following students, who all passed FAA exams during the week of September 23:

  • Luke Compton
  • Joseph Blake
  • Brian Calmes
  • Frank Icino
  • Haeng Zhi
  • Nichols Becker
  • Haley Evans
  • Sean Lashook
  • Austin Gari
  • Jason Biber
  • William Flynn
  • Steven Hanson
  • Daniel Attilio
  • Herber Brenes
  • Casey Franks
  • Billy Ramey

Great job, everyone! Remember, it is very important to get your certificates and ratings. They mean so much to you upon graduation. All Flight grads with a CFI have been placed, so flight students, please get that CFI rating. Remember AMT students, you can charge your written exams to your student account.