06 Feb 2014

Career Center News, Week Ending January 31st



During the week of January 31st the Career Center placed 11 graduates. Companies include:

  • Spartan College
  • AvMatts
  • Flight Safety
  • Valair Aviation
  • Camtronics
  • Stronghold Inspection
  • IHI Southwest Technologies

Additionally, one of our graduates joined the U.S. Army. The center also received 27 job orders, so stop by and see if there’s something you can apply for. Meanwhile, keep your eye on the end goal: maintain your attendance, keep your grades up, and earn your certifications and ratings as soon as you can to have your best chance at first-rate jobs.

If you’re graduating soon, it’s time to get your resume ready. If you need assistance with resumes or want to find out more about companies you are interested in working for, come to the Career Center and we will be glad to give you a hand.