09 Oct 2013

Campus Events, October 2013

Habitat for Humanity:
Student Council is planning another Habitat for Humanity day for Saturday, October 19th. We will meet in the north parking lot of housing at 8:15 a.m. and be done by 1:00 pm.

Golf Tournament:
Spartan Student Council will be hosting a golf tournament on Tuesday, October 22nd. There remain 18 positions for students to play under sponsorship. (Play free of charge) Students that are 6 months out from graduating will be given priority. As we draw nearer to the event, the unfilled positions will be opened up to ALL students.

Spartan will also be hosting the employer representatives whom are coming in for the Career Fair Wednesday, October 23rd. This will be a perfect opportunity for students to interact with potential employers in a relaxed environment. Those wishing to participate can find Chris Elliott in Mr. Schober’s P1 class, or sign up at student council on Tuesdays, 2:45pm in the Main Campus auditorium.

Spartan ASN Club meets at 2:45pm in the Main Campus Auditorium. Congratulations to the winners of last week’s egg toss, Monte LeBlanc & Jonathan Gallegos. These students will have their memberships to ASNT paid. Thank you to Mr. Mitchell for hosting his career workshop last week. It was a huge success and packed the house. We hope to see a repeat of this workshop in the future.

P3 Tournament:
The Pool & Ping-Pong Tournament is October 12th at 2:00pm at the North Campus Cafeteria. Registration fees are $3 for Ping-Pong and $5 for Pool.

Donuts at Main:
ASNT Club sells donuts at Main Campus on Monday mornings from 7:00am to 7:30am and during first break. Cost is 75 cents per donut or $9 per dozen.

50/50 Drawing:
ASNT Club is hosting a 50/50 drawing again this term. Tickets cost $1 and the winner gets 50% of the funds raised. Last term’s winner won nearly $60! See and ASNT Club member to get your tickets.

Don’t forget the October 9 luncheon:
Chili and soup. Study groups every Tuesday during lunch in class 905. Meetings Wednesday during lunch in room 905.

Pizza Thursdays:
Main campus. $2/slice; $10/box.

Student/Employee Appreciation Day:
October 22nd. Administrative offices will close at 10:15 this day. Student classes will let out at 10:40 and we will begin serving lunch at 10:45. Afternoon activities will include a Golf outing AMT Skills competition, and Bingo

Halloween Costume Contest:
October 31st.

More details will be provided in the weeks to come for all of the activities. If you are interested in the Golf you will need to contact Bruce Blankenship at 918-831-8612 to sign up.