15 Nov 2018

Best HVAC Books for Students

Are you just beginning your HVAC training and looking for some “how-to” manuals that will help you understand key theories and concepts? Here is a list of the best HVAC books for students.

Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Book

Recommended for those who are new to HVAC training, this book combines theory and practice to help you learn the latest techniques in HVAC installation and repair. With clear, logical illustrations throughout, this comprehensive tutorial also includes sections on microthermal heat exchangers and energy efficiency.

Electricity for Refrigeration, Heating, and Air Conditioning, 8th Edition

This book covers modern control systems and the electrical principles behind them. Readers gain extensive knowledge of the electronics involved in the field without having to wade through long explanations of theory. An especially helpful feature of this volume is the glossary at the end that defines key HVAC terms.

Refrigeration and AC Technology, Lab Manual, 4th Edition

A staple of many HVAC programs, this manual spells out everything you need to know about heating and cooling systems: repair techniques, diagnostics, terminology, and theory. You can also read up on the latest developments in system efficiency and controls. Information about safety procedures and certification is included, too.

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Technology Textbook, 8th Edition

Also on the reading list of many HVAC courses, this text thoroughly explains all the concepts you need to know to gain a solid foundation in HVAC skills. Complete with hands-on guidance and practical applications, this book walks you through maintenance and repair procedures. This edition covers the environmental challenges posed by HVAC systems, as well as practical solutions. You can also learn about the “soft skills” and customer service smarts that are becoming increasingly critical for success in this profession.

Audel HVAC Fundamentals, Vol. 1, by James E. Brumbaugh

A helpful how-to guide from the time you start training until you complete your HVAC degree, it begins with the basics and progresses to the latest HVAC techniques and technologies. This comprehensive manual breaks down what types of systems are best for different climates and discusses the fundamentals of wiring, installing and troubleshooting.

Stock your study area with these books for easy reference. After you get your HVAC diploma, you may want to keep them on hand to brush up on your skills or pass them on to someone else who is new to HVAC training.