13 Feb 2020

Ball Aerospace Apprenticeship Announcement

New in 2020, Ball Aerospace has established a relationship with Spartan College to benefit Ball employees, Spartan students, and the future workforce by (1) creating a new Ball apprenticeship program for future technicians and (2) providing tuition scholarships at Spartan College for Ball employees and their extended family members.

On Jan. 6, 2020 – Ball Aerospace began the first session with five part-time apprentices training with and working alongside Ball Manufacturing and Test Operations (MTO), while continuing their education at Spartan. These students are in the Aviation Maintenance Technology (AMT), or Aviation Electronics Technology (AET) programs and will receive up to 40 hours of Ball training throughout their time at Spartan. The apprenticeship includes training by Ball for two 10-week sessions in mechanical, electrical, production, manufacturing, Radio Frequency (RF), and meteorology positions.

This program arrives at an interesting time in manufacturing. John Martin, Senior Director of MTO for Ball Aerospace explains, “Manufacturing companies have been struggling for over a decade to close the skilled trade workforce gap. We can’t have a discussion with a peer from another company or attend a manufacturing conference without it being a primary topic of discussion. Late last year, we decided to be proactive about this and solve the problem head-on and with some creativity. We asked ourselves what do we do when Ball’s supply base doesn’t have capacity or capability to solve our problem? The answer was clear – we develop the capability in-house and this is exactly what we’re working to do here.”

In addition to this exciting Ball apprenticeship opportunity, Spartan College will be offering a 10 percent tuition scholarship for Ball employees and their extended family members (i.e. spouse, sibling, in-laws, grandchild, etc.). To access this scholarship, applicants should follow the traditional application process with Spartan College. Once accepted, they will need to provide a copy of the Ball Aerospace employee badge and demonstrate relationship with the Ball employee.

To sign up, visit https://www.spartan.edu/scholarships/ball-scholarships/