14 Apr 2017

Avionics Technicians Are in Demand

Contemplating your next education move? Which industries and schools are on your mind? Considering the aviation electronics industry might be a good option, because a career in this field is one of the most promising prospects these days. Although there are many avionics electronic schools, you should register yourself with a reputed avionics college in Denver.

 Some stats

Industry experts predict that the demand for aviation electronics technicians is expected to grow at an exponential rate. In terms of numbers, jobs for over 600,000 pilots and nearly 679,000 technicians will open up in the next two decades. While employment opportunities will be available all over the world, Asia Pacific and North America are expected to see the greatest demands. Overall, 109,000 technicians will be hired in the industry.  Most of the jobs will be associated with passenger transportation and shipping, while some of you will also be working for aerospace companies or the government.

While job prospects are already good, you can improve your chances if you graduate from a reputed avionics college in Denver such as Spartan College.

On-Job Duties

A job in the aviation electronics industries will require you to perform a number of tasks such as:

  • Test aviation instruments using circuit testers and oscilloscopes
  • Diagnose issues by interpreting flight data
  • Assemble components and install required software
  • Maintain and repair avionics systems

General Course Outline

Any good avionics college in Denver will teach you several courses, of which some standard ones are given below.

  • AC and DC Electronics: current, voltage and resistance, series and parallel circuit
  • Communication and navigation systems: Different communication forms such as HF and VHF, enhanced vision system, cockpit display
  • Instrumentation: Analog circuits, soldering techniques, reading wiring diagrams

A preferable college to consider

Spartan College is an excellent option in Denver Featuring a massive space of 8000 square kilometers, the college offers extensive training, covering all important concepts. It has state-of-the-art labs that are equipped with over 40 different testing units, 4 custom autopilot trainers, Garmin G1000 training kiosks and over 100 oscilloscopes.

The program prepares you for advanced certification tests and helps you develop all the core skills required in the industry.

Get enrolled at Spartan College, and become certified now!