06 Nov 2017

Avionics Courses at Spartan Will Prep You For FCC Certification

Taking avionics courses at Spartan College will give you the skills you need to prepare for your FCC certifications, as well as a career in aviation electronics.

Spartan College now has two locations—Tulsa and Denver—that offer the challenging Aviation Electronics Technology (AET) Program, available as a diploma program or an associate’s degree. Aviation electronics, or avionics, training can prepare you for a career as an electronics systems technician.

Modern aircraft have sophisticated needs, and aircraft technology in both the traditional and unmanned vehicles needs to be maintained by skilled, highly trained technicians. Electronics systems technicians might also work with the development of satellite technology.

Our Spartan’s Tulsa campus location, located directly across from Tulsa International Airport, is complete with our own Boeing 727 airplane and the large hangers house most of the labs and technical equipment. The Denver campus location is located in the heart of outdoor recreation and teaching tools include a Falcon 20 and a Lear jet partnered with 8,000 square feet of classroom and lab space.

FCC Certification

The role of the electronic technician is expanding, especially as the FAA has recently approved expanded commercial applications for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), also known as drones. Join the leading edge of avionics aviation electronics by training specifically on building, programming, and flying a UAV.

Part of the training involves preparing for Federal Communications Commissions (FCC) certificates and licenses. The FCC is a government entity responsible for preserving the nation’s radio spectrum, and radio-based devices must undergo a rigorous testing and certification process, conforming to FCC standards. Understanding these conformity standards and learning the certification process is part of what you will learn in the avionics program at Spartan College.

Earning these FCC certifications has the potential to advance your avionics career, as it adds to your marketability. Understanding FCC regulations and certifications also demonstrate a commitment to safe practices and compliance.

Get a jump-start on cutting-edge avionics courses.  Spartan College now has two beautiful and convenient campus locations in Denver and Tulsa that can prep you for a career in avionics, which can lead you to a future in aerospace, communications, UAVs, robotics, and more.