Technician working on aircraft
17 Apr 2018

Attend an Aeronautics School and become an A&P Technician

While being an auto-mechanic has been fun, working out of a small shop without certain benefits is not. You’re looking for something new, but don’t want your existing skills to go to waste. If this sounds like you, consider a career in aviation maintenance and start your next chapter at an aeronautics school.

How to Become an A&P Technician

Spartan College’s aviation maintenance program provides all the necessary training for a rewarding career as an aircraft mechanic, or an A&P technician. In lieu of 20-months working in the field, Spartan covers everything students need to know to become an A&P mechanic. Courses include a classroom component and plenty of hands-on experience to learn all aspects of maintaining and repairing aircrafts. Students may receive a diploma or go on to earn their Associate of Occupational Studies Aviation Maintenance Degree.

A&P Technician By The Numbers…


The number of aircraft maintenance technicians Boeing forecasts it will need by the year 2035.


The median salary of an A&P Technician in 2016, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Number of paths available at Spartan College to become an aviation maintenance technician. Students can complete the entire program on campus, or enroll in our hybrid program which is part-time online, then fulfill the second half of hands-on requirement in Tulsa.


Number of different campuses from which you can choose to start your education to prepare for FAA-certification. You can earn an Associate degree from Tulsa, Denver,  or LA, or a diploma in Riverside, California. Visit our programs page to learn more about the various aviation programs offered at Spartan.


Number of months to obtain a diploma or associate’s degree as full-time on-campus students.


Number of months need to complete the hybrid program, including 7 months on-campus.


Number of assessments that must be passed in order to be certified by the FAA. This includes an oral exam, a computer-based test, and an evaluation of your hands-on skills. Spartan’s program prepares you to take all the certification exams.

An aviation maintenance program is a great job for an auto mechanic looking for not only a stable job with benefits, but a rewarding career in a growing and in-demand field. Read more on why you should choose an aviation career and invest in yourself today for a brighter future. Please contact us if you would like more information, or enroll online today.