14 Aug 2014

Arkansas Students Find Great Aviation Training at Spartan


For students in Arkansas, choosing the best flight school can mean looking beyond just local offerings. When you choose the place where you will receive your education, you want the best. You want hands-on training, and you want to have great career prospects waiting for you when you graduate. At Spartan College, we have a wide array of services to help make our school the top choice for not only local students, but for those from states such as Arkansas as well.

A School That Meets Your Needs

Spartan College is equipped to meet the needs of students coming from out of state. We provide affordable student housing and also offer housing assistance for students coming from Arkansas. Financial aid is available to help cover the cost of your education for those who qualify, and there are even numerous scholarship opportunities available. For students who qualify to receive VA education benefits, our programs qualify, and students will find that we offer free tutoring for students who require it for either academic or technical courses. We want our students to succeed and to leave our diploma, AAS, and Bachelor’s degree programs with the skills they need to succeed, so we do everything we can to make that easier.

Equipping You for a Career

Whether you decide to go back to Arkansas after graduation or are seeking to move to another state, you will find that Spartan College can both prepare you for employment andhelp you find it. Our hands-on training gives you the skills and certifications you need for careers ranging from being a pilot to being an airplane mechanic, conducting nondestructive testing, and much more. Not only that, but we have a student employment assistance program that can help you find placement with one of the more than 5,000 companies in our career services database.

If you are seeking a quality education from a school that will help you kick-start your career, look no further than Spartan College!