Aircraft in cloudy sky
19 Jan 2016

Airbus Reveals New Anti-Drone Technology

Among the highlights of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was a signal jamming device designed to protect against unauthorized drones, according to this article from Developed by Airbus Defense and Space in response to difficulties in policing unauthorized drone flights – which in some cases have required the authorities to act – the system employs Smart Responsive Jamming Technology.

This process disables communication between the operator of the device and the drone and it can scramble the drone’s onboard navigation system, rendering it inoperable. Furthermore, Airbus’ new technology allows the user to take control of the drone and determine the operator’s location, marking significant advancements in civil drone technology.

Expected to be launched in the middle of 2016, Airbus’ target audience will likely be companies and government agencies, the former looking to protect assets and intellectual property and the latter looking to respond to the potentiality for criminal use of drones with appropriate force. Government agencies may find themselves the main client base for this equipment, taking advantage of a means to deal with unauthorized drone activity in way that disables, rather than destroys aerial devices.

Stating an existing level of interest in the Smart Jamming Technology, Airbus claimed a major energy company have already entered into a deal to secure the anti-drone technology. Large businesses with significant land holdings are likely to be early adopters of the technology and Airbus have said they are responding directly to increased security concerns that such business already face. Drones “have revealed a security gap with regards to critical installations such as factories, airports or nuclearplants”, the company said.

Airbus indicated the Smart Responsive Technology is in the final stages of development, revealing that it has been “tested extensively at Airbus Defense and Space’s own premises and during customer presentations in Germany and France”.

Further details of Airbus’ anti-drone technology will be revealed upon its release in mid-2016. Read the full article here: