17 Jul 2019

Aeronautics School Scholarships and Financial Aid in the US

Paying for your education can be a huge investment, and financing your studies is sometimes a real challenge. If you’re thinking about getting help paying for an aviation degree, your funding is likely to come from a variety of sources. Filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will give you an idea of what types of assistance for which you qualify. When you’re planning to attend an aeronautics school and are looking for help paying for your education, here are some ideas to help you get started.

Outside Scholarships

Many organizations offer scholarships for aeronautics schools based on a variety of criteria such as:

  • Career or area of specialization
  • Sex, age, race or ethnicity
  • Employment or level of training and education
  • Affiliation with a particular organization
  • Financial need

Aviation Scholarships

If you are considering training in flight, aviation technology, or aviation electronics, here are some additional resources to explore:

Financial Aid Eligibility

Financial Aid is available to those who qualify, and can include criteria such as:

  • Be enrolled at least half-time in an eligible program of study
  • Have a high school diploma or the equivalent
  • Not have delinquent student loans or owe a repayment on a federal loan you’ve previously been awarded
  • Be a US citizen, legal permanent resident, or eligible non-citizen
  • Comply with US Selective Service registration (males only)
  • Provide any other documentation that may be required

How to Apply for Financial Aid

Follow these steps to begin the path to financing your journey through aeronautic school education with federal student aid:

  1. If you’re completing the FAFSA for the first time, you’ll need to create an FSA username and password.
  2. Complete the FAFSA. Keep track of application deadlines so you can access financial assistance in time to pay for classes.
  3. If you’re an undergraduate student, you will need to complete Entrance Counseling.
  4. If applicable, complete the MPN/Parent Plus Promissory Note.
  5. Complete other required forms and submit them as soon as possible.

Financial Aid at Spartan College

If your federal financial aid package isn’t enough to cover the total cost of tuition, one of our campus representatives on the Student Finance Team may be able to help you find other sources. There are several funding options available to those who qualify.