17 Apr 2014

Military Program Reviews

William Dewar
Training Manager
Training Manager of A.R. corporations, William Dewar reviews the military program at Spartan College.  Learn about how his military experience prepared him for Spartan and his current career in Aviation.

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Brian Reed
Quality Assurance Inspector

I first learned of Spartan College shortly after leaving the Air Force where I served as an aircraft mechanic for six years working on the U-2. I thought Spartan would be a good way for me to expand my knowledge base and further my career in Aviation Maintenance. I couldn’t have been happier with the caliber of classroom instruction and how much we did in the shop. Like I said, I come from an aircraft background and I loved the variety of training we get from Spartan. I believe the training I received helped to make me a better and more well rounded mechanic. Before I even finished my schooling I received an offer for employment from Bell Helicopter where I am currently a quality assurance inspector for their H-1 program. I love my new career and I have Spartan College and their wonderful instructors to thank.

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Gregory Hernandez
Right after my graduation from Spartan back in 2009 I landed a job with AAR CORP in Oklahoma City and not even three months into it I got call back in to service again with the U.S Army Reserves. After a long ten-month deployment to Afghanistan I was happy to know that my job was held by AAR and currently I’m working for the company in Oklahoma City.
I’m working on gaining more experience as an A&P Mechanic. At the same time thanks to my training at Spartan and the people and friends I met I obtained my Private Pilot License and currently I’m working on getting my instrument rating with the help of my friend, also a graduate from Spartan, Erwin Winkler. My ultimate goal is to become a Commercial Pilot and to work for the Airlines.
Because of the great memories with the faculty and the friends I met at Spartan I’m looking forward to maybe enroll once again at Spartan College after I complete my commercial and CFI rating to go for the Bachelor’s Degree.