17 Apr 2014

Flight Training Reviews

Steve Knabe 
Flight School Graduate – Fortune 500 Corporate Pilot

“I was fortunate enough when I was taking a flight lesson in Nebraska. An airplane landed with a black cat on it’s tail- it was a Spartan plane. And there was a student there who said ‘there is a flight school in Tulsa, Oklahoma that will teach you everything you need to know about flying.’ And it was four months later, I was at the Spartan School of Aeronautics.”

Chris Harper
Flight School Graduate
Ever since he was a young boy, Chris Harper wanted to fly. In his words he was “enamored with wanting to fly.” Enrolling at Spartan college in 1988 he “showed up here on a dark night and started class the next morning.” Chris’ career as a pilot has taken him around the world in eight days as a cargo pilot.

Adam Holloway 
Flight Instructor
Watch this review of Spartan’s Flight Training Program by Adam Holloway, and find out why he has “the best job in the world”.

Bryan Hamilton

Bryan Hamilton

Aviation Flight
Spartan helped prepare me for the professional world of aviation. Through the ground school and flight stages, I was taught the importance of knowing more than just the minimum to pass a check-ride. With the help of the instructors, I became aware of the truth in the black cat with a 13 on it. “Knowledge and skill, overcome superstition and luck!!” This is the basis for safety as a professional aviator. Learning to exceed expectations from the start, has helped position me for the best jobs of the future!

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William Kullman
I moved from California to Oklahoma to attend Spartan. My first job was as a flight instructor/charter pilot with Skyways Inc. in Troutdale, Oregon. I’m now a retired airline captain, (Northwest Airlines, B707, 727, 747, DC10). My Spartan training including 5 ratings gave me an edge over other applicants. There were a lot of Spartan graduates working for Northwest Airlines and I met plenty of them because I wore my Spartan grad pin as a tie tack for 30 years. Most I knew where mechanics but many were flight graduates. Read the full testimonial here.

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Bobby George
Aviation Maintenance Flight Engineer
Could not have had career without Spartan. I relocated to Tulsa from New Mexico to attend Spartan. My first job after graduating was as a Flight Engineer with Pan American World Airways. I’m now retired from Pan American World Airways as a B-747 Captain.

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Oddur Gardarsson
Aviation Maintenance Flight Engineer
I relocated from Iceland to attend Spartan. I am very happy with my decision to attend Spartan for AMT course. It has furthered my career enormously. My first job after graduating was as a mechanic for an Air Charter. I am now a Senior Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. Read Oddur Gardarsson’s full review here.


William R. Day

Professional Pilot
I am proud and grateful for my affiliation with Spartan. The good staff at Spartan enabled me to grasp opportunity when the moment was ripe. For the duration of my Spartan flight training, I had just one flight instructor, who had the wisdom to respect and make use of my prior aviation experience. Thanks to Spartan’s intensive program, I was hired by Northwest Airlines upon completion of my instrument rating. To view William’s full testimonial, click here.