24 Oct 2013

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. As an aviation school, what aviation programs does Spartan College offer?

A. Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology offers a wide range of programs ranging from diploma to Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees.  We offer  Aviation Electronics Technology,Aviation Maintenance Technology, Nondestructive Testing diploma programs, Associate of Applied Science Aviation Electronics Technology, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Quality Control Management and Aviation Flight Diploma. Spartan also offers a Bachelor of Science Aviation Management Technology degree.

Q. What kind of aviation facilities do you have?

A. At Spartan College, we’re proud to have more than 247,000 square feet of aviation training facilities on three campuses and located at two Tulsa-area airports.  We also own and train on over 19 airplanes at the North campus and boast a fleet of over 40 airplanes at our flight campus as well as a Redbird and MD-142 Frasca – advanced flight training devices.

Q. Do you assist graduates from your aviation school in job placement?

A. While we cannot guarantee placement, Spartan offers ongoing career services to our aviation school graduates. Career services include resume creating, on-campus recruiting visits and interview skills training. The Career Center also holds two on-campus career fairs each year.  We are proud to say we have a nearly 90% placement rate of our graduates*

Q. When should I apply for acceptance to your aviation programs?

A. Applications for acceptance are reviewed and processed weekly. Once a student determines interest in applying for acceptance to an aviation program, they should apply immediately. Applicants must complete an interview process with an Enrollment Manager prior to submitting their application to the aviation college. Final acceptance to an aviation program is determined by the Admissions Department after reviewing the submitted application and all supporting documentation.

Q. Does Spartan offer any scholarships for those interested in an aviation school?

A. Spartan, like other aviation schools and non-aviation-related organizations, offers scholarships to assist students in attending an aviation college. We award more than $300,000 in scholarships for our students annually. Contact Spartan today for complete details on scholarships available to qualified aviation school and aviation technology students.

Q. Does your aviation school offer housing assistance?

A. Spartan offers apartment style living directly south of the main campus. The Spartan Resident Hall is available for technology students who wish to stay closer to campus. Click here to visit the housing page under Student Services for more details.
To assist aviation flight students and students attending with families, Spartan utilizes the resources of an apartment referral service to assist and provide student housing options for our aviation school’s students.

*Placement rates vary by program. Please see our Placement Statistics by program on our Consumer Information page by clicking here