11 Mar 2015

Consumer Information (LA)

Below is a list of disclosure topics and policies as well as where you may find the detailed information.

  • Financial Aid Assistance Programs – These are located on pages 10-13 of Spartan’s catalog.
  • Costs of attending the school (tuition, fees, books, and tools) – This information is included in the Tuition Supplement.
  • Programs of study offered by the college – This information is provided on pages 29-31 of the catalog.
  • A list of the faculty – This information is provided online as well as in the Tuition Supplement.
  • The School Performance Fact Sheet is available on the website as well as paper copies in the admissions office.  It contains the most recently reported information pertaining to student completion and job placement rates by program.
  • How the standards of academic progress (SAP) impact financial aid eligibility and re-establishing financial aid when a student fails to meet SAP – This information is provided on pages 11-12 of Spartan’s catalog.
  • Names of associations, agencies, and/or governmental bodies that accredit, approve or license the College and its programs – This information is provided on page 4 of Spartan’s catalog. A student may request a copy of the college’s accreditation, licensure, or approval by submitting a written request to the President’s office. Click Here for Accreditation page of the website.
  • Withdrawal procedures – This information is provided on pages 16 of the catalog.
  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse Information. Our college’s policy regarding illicit drugs and alcohol is located on page 27 of Spartan’s catalog. 

Certification Disclosure Information