15 Jan 2015

6 Changes to Aviation That Happened in 2014

There were quite a few different changes in aviation, particularly from the perspective of fliers, in 2014. While most changes were positive, many fliers will have their fingers crossed that 2015 will usher in further advancements that were missing in 2014.

Here are just 6 ways flying changed last year, according to this article on forbes.com.

1. TSA PreCheck and GlobalEntry both exhibited drastic improvement. PreCheck is now available in nearly every major airport. GlobalEntry seems to be behind the curve in development and fliers report that getting an interview to be approved is incredibly difficult.

2. Airports have really taken their restaurants to a whole new level. Gone are the days of typical bland “airport food”. Even small airports have a great selection of local eats for fliers.

3. Airport lounges still seem to be so-so in most of the world. American Express’ Centurion Lounge is currently one of the best rated but is only in 4 airports, with more being added in 2015. American Airlines has reinstated old perks like providing free alcoholic beverages in their Admiral’s Clubs and now offers improved food options.

4. 2014 was a crazy year for weather, to say the least. Climate change naturally affected flights and even completely shut down computer systems at the Heathrow airport. Keeping an eye on forecasts when booking flights was extremely important.

5. Delta and United angered quite a few customers with the 2014 changes to their frequent flier programs (Skymiles and MileagePlus). Details to the changes can be found on their websites but all in all, fliers who choose economy flights will not have the same status as those who fly first class. That being true even if they have the same amount of miles flown.

6. Another big change Delta had in 2014 was the addition of a 5th class. The additional class actually splits their economy class. Those who choose this lowest class, Economy Basic, will not be able to choose seats or get refunds.

Hopefully 2015 brings improvement in aviation technology as well as within the airlines and airports themselves.