How to Request Your Academic Transcripts


Academic transcripts may be obtained from the Spartan Student Records Department through a signed, written request. Transcripts are $5.00 for the first copy and $1.00 for each additional copy per request.

Because of federal privacy laws, we cannot release transcripts without the signature of the student indicated on the transcript. All requests must be made on paper through U.S. Mail, a delivery service, or in person, and include the student or graduate's signature. If paying by credit card, you may fax in request to 918-831-8697. Phone or e-mailed requests will not be processed. Any transcripts we have on file from your previous high schools or other colleges cannot be duplicated. You must contact them directly for transcripts.

To obtain your Spartan transcript, mail the following information and the appropriate fee to the Spartan Student Records Office at the address listed below. You may print our Transcript Request Form or include all of the information on your own paper.

  • Student Name (while in attendance)
  • Social Security Number (international students, use your Spartan student identification number)
  • Signature of student named on transcript
  • The number of copies requested
  • Addresses of institutions to which to send the transcripts*

Mail your complete information to:
Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology
Student Records Office
8820 E Pine Street
Tulsa, OK 74115

Request paying fee by credit/debit card can fax requests to: 918-831-8697

We wish you well in your future academic pursuits!

* Remember, if you are forwarding official copies of your transcripts to another institution, the copy will no longer be considered "official" if the envelope arrives at the institution opened. Forward or arrange to have forwarded all official copies directly to other institutions unopened.



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